Frequently Asked Questions also Thinking Of Buying A Holiday caravan
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Q. How Long is the Holiday park open?

A. The park is open from the 1st March to 2nd January.


Q. Is residential use allowed?

A. No the residential use of a holiday caravan is not allowed, you may not reside in the caravan for the 10 months we are open, it's use is for a few weeks at a time, weekends etc.


Q. What price do the used caravans start from?

A. Used caravan holiday caravans start from £6,500 with new caravans starting from £28,000.


Q. Is finance available?

A. Yes, finance is available subject to status.


Q. How much is the pitch fee for 2017 including rates and services?

A. The 2016 pitch fee for 10 foot wide £2280, for 12 foot wide £2540. Canal pitches are slightly more. Prices inc Vat.


Q. What is included in the pitch fee?

A. Park maintenance, rates, water, sewerage and fee to station caravan holiday caravan on plot.


Q.What other Costs are there?

A. Electricity which is metered, Gas cylinders and your caravan insurance.


Q. What warranty do I get when I purchase a caravan?

A. 12 Months manufacturers warranty is given on new caravans and a 90 day warranty is given with used purchases. Extended warranty is available.


Q. What maintenance is required on a holiday caravan?

A. The water system will need to be drained down for winter which you can do or this can be done for you by a plumber/Gas Safe engineer. Also as simple upkeep eg. cleaning gutters, washing exterior.


Q. We live abroad, who will look after the caravan while we are away?

A. We will do as much or as little as you like to help in making owning a holiday caravan here trouble free with a care package tailored to your needs.


Q. Is subletting allowed?

A. No, however close family may use your holiday caravan without you being there.


Q. What paper work is required when purchasing a holiday caravan.

A. We complete an agreement with you for how long the caravan may be kept on the park and you must supply us with; Photo ID, Proof of address, Utility Bill and a Council Tax Bill.


Q. Do you allow dogs?

A. Yes, dogs are allowed but they must be kept on a lead at all times and excercised off the park. Dogs must not be a nuiscance to others.


Q. When is the leisure club open?

A. The leisure club is open weekends and bank holidays from mid March to November.


Q. Where do we buy spares and accessories?

A. We carry some spares, gas cylinders, regulators etc. Other items we can point you in the right dirrection or order items for you.


Q. Where are the closest shops for groceries?

A. Brewood village has a number of shops and is 2 minutes away by car, 15-20mins by foot.


Q. Do you allow tents, motorhomes or touring caravans?

A. Sorry no we don't.


N.B. Residential use is not allowed, the park is for recreational use only. (The park is open for ten months a year but you may not live on the park for the ten months)


Our Green Credentials:
We use low energy light bulbs where possible in all work and self catering buildings. We have glass, card and battery recycling facilities and try to use environmetally friendly cleaning products and paper from renewable sources. Our garden waste goes to the local farm to compost. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we use the worlds natural resources. We have installed Solar Panels to help heat our swimming pool and use rain water harvesting butts to re-use water wherever possible.

In 2011 we were proud to be voted winners of the Green Award for Stafford Borough's Business & Prosperity sector for good environmental practce and sustainable development.
We have installed bird/bat boxes around the park to help wildlife in the local area as well as insect houses for bees/insects to shelter.


Accessibility Statement:

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Thinking of Buying a Holiday caravan.


Tens of thousands of people enjoy the freedom of leisure home ownership on holiday parks in Britain. The caravan will be yours to enjoy throughout the year whenever the park is open - for both short breaks and longer stays. There's no need to book ahead, and all your home comforts will be ready and waiting.

But before you commit, it's worth spending a few minutes understanding how holiday home ownership works, and what factors will help ensure that you'll get the most out of your purchase in the years to come.

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may already be asking - and others you might be glad we mentioned!


How far afield should I look?
To get the most out of holiday caravan ownership, many people choose a park location no further than one to two hours' drive from where they live.

When can I use my holiday caravan?
It is important to check the months of the year in which a park is open for you to use your holiday caravan. Some parks are open all year, but many close for two or three months in winter.

How can I tell if the park is right for me?
Visit several parks to get a feel for what's on offer. If you wish, ask the park owner to introduce you to some existing owners for an informal chat about their experience.

What influences the cost of a holiday caravan?
Prices for a holiday caravans vary up and down the country, and like conventional properties, location is a key factor influencing the cost - together with the range of facilities offered by the park, such as a pool or entertainment.

What's included in the price?
The quoted price will almost invariably include all of the carpets, furnishings, kitchen appliances and other basic equipment. If buying new, there may be options such as double glazing, upgraded central heating, decking.

What else should I budget for?
If you are buying a new unit - as opposed to a holiday caravan already located on the park - check if there's extra to pay for having the unit transported from the factory, sited on the pitch, and "commissioned" (made ready for your occupation and connected to the utilities). Other costs to consider will be the annual pitch fee (what you pay for the right to occupy your pitch on the park), utilities such as water, gas and electricity, plus rates and insurance for your holiday home.

Will I be asked to sign a contract?
It's in your own interests to ensure that you sign a written contract (known as a "licence agreement") from the park. In fact, we would not advise going ahead with the purchase of a holiday caravan unless you have been provided with a written agreement - and have read, understood and are happy with its terms offered to you at the park of your choice.

What should I look for in the agreement?
Check especially how long the agreement runs for as this will lay down how many years you can keep your holiday home on the park. Ten years should be the minimum for a holiday caravan, but the term may be longer – here at Oakland Holiday Park it is for twenty years from new. Also check the agreement for any park rules which might apply to you. For example, if you wish to sub-let, is this allowed? Are pets permitted on the park, and will this affect you? Will you have free use of park facilities such as a swimming pool?

What happens if I decide to sell?
Check the agreement for what will happen if you decide later to sell the holiday home or to move it off the park, and what the financial arrangements will be. The agreement should specify, for example, the amount of commission which may be applied to the selling price. The commission recognises the park owner’s interest in the land, and the transfer of the agreement rights to the new owner.

Is my holiday caravan just for leisure use?

Yes, most definitely. You can use your holiday caravan is for short breaks and longer holidays. It can not be used as your main residence as this would breach the park's site licence, and you would have none of the protection in law provided to occupiers of residential parks. Don't be surprised if the park asks you for proof (at the outset and at intervals in the future) that you have a permanent home address elsewhere. At Oakland Holiday Park we require; Photo I.D. Council Tax Bill & Utility Bill which will be required on an anual basis.